When we service your Air Conditioner in Schaumburg IL, your satifaction means the world to us.
When we service your Air Conditioner in Schaumburg IL, your satifaction means the world to us.
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Indoor Allergies?

Indoor Allergies? Your AC and Ducts May Be to Blame

Indoor allergens in the home can affect everyone, especially allergy sufferers and those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma. When people are exposed to indoor allergies, it may be hard to believe that the home’s air ducts and air conditioner may be to blame. There are many ways in which these mechanical systems affect indoor air quality and the health of the home’s occupants.

Allergens in Air Ducts

Allergens can lurk throughout a home, including in the air ducts. The job of the air ducts is to exchange the uncomfortable indoor air with heated or conditioned air produced by the heating and cooling system. Each time the heating and cooling system cycles, it withdraws air from the living spaces of the home. Along with that air, it also collects the pet dander, dust and other particles. These particles settle out and land in the air ducts, only to be blown into the air upon the next system cycle. Day and night all year long, the allergens are spread throughout the home.

The AC Role in Allergies

Air conditioning systems can also be to blame for worsening allergy symptoms. In most cases, the culprit is a dirty air filter. The air filter’s responsibility is to filter out allergens from the air before the conditioned air is passed through the ducts and into the living spaces. An inadequate or dirty air filter lets allergens pass right on through, exacerbating respiratory problems.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

There are many ways that homeowners can improve the quality of air by paying attention to the air ducts and AC system:

  • Air purifiers work in conjunction with your home’s heating and cooling system to cleanse and filter the air. They remove allergens such as dust, dust mites, pollen and mold spores.
  • Air conditioning maintenance helps improve the quality of indoor air by cleaning the system and replacing old dirty air filters.
  • Air duct cleaning can minimize indoor allergy symptoms.

When you find yourself constantly sniffling, sneezing and suffering from sinus congestion, it is time to take action. By getting a handle on the air ducts and air conditioning system, your allergy symptoms may decrease or even disappear. For more information about how your AC and air ducts may be to blame for your indoor allergy symptoms, contact Tempco Heating and Air Conditioning Co.today.

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