When we service your Air Conditioner in Schaumburg IL, your satifaction means the world to us.
When we service your Air Conditioner in Schaumburg IL, your satifaction means the world to us.
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Frozen AC

Possible Causes for a Frozen AC

The prospect of air conditioning repair can be frustrating, but it’s helpful to know how to troubleshoot a frozen air conditioning unit so you can avoid a service call if possible. Some causes may be relatively easy to address. In other cases, a service call may be required. Understanding some of the issues that can result in ice formation in your system may help as you troubleshoot.

Air Handler Conditions

The interior of your air handler is cold and damp when the system is operating correctly. Your evaporator coils carry refrigerant into the area as it reaches its lowest temperatures. The refrigerant will absorb heat from the surrounding air, causing the air to cool before it moves into the ducts. The moisture in that air will condense as it cools, collecting on the coils and dripping into a drain pan. If the conditions in the area are too cold, this liquid can freeze before it drips away. There are three primary explanations for this problem.

Inadequate Airflow

Air restrictions can result from dirty coils, a clogged filter or a broken blower. You should begin the cooling season with a new filter, and you should check each month to evaluate whether a change is needed. Dirty coils and incorrect blower operation can be addressed through preventative maintenance, a service that should be scheduled before cooling season begins.

Poor Energy Exchange

Refrigerant movement and related energy exchange activity can lead to a frozen air conditioning unit. Dirty coils inhibit the absorption of heat and can result in ice formation. Low refrigerant levels can also lead to freezing. These issues can be evaluated during annual maintenance service.

Electronic Malfunctions

Short cycling of your system may affect conditions in your air handler. Thermostat issues could also result in unusual equipment activity. At times, electronic components and contacts can fail, affecting your blower or other equipment components.

First Steps for Evaluating a Frozen Air Conditioning Unit

Before you make a call for air conditioning repair, turn your system off to provide time for the ice to melt. Check your filter and thermostat batteries. Check your evaporator coils for excessive dirt. Once the ice is gone, you can turn your equipment on again. Inspect your coils periodically for the development of additional ice. If ice forms again, your system should be professionally inspected for problems.

Work with a Cooling Pro

The staff of Tempco Heating & Air Conditioning is available for preventative maintenance or AC repairs in the Arlington Heights IL area to solve lingering issues with frozen equipment. We offer 24-7 emergency service to ensure that your home comfort concerns are handled promptly, especially in the face of serious climate conditions. You can call our office to discuss your needs.

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